Software AG Cloud now supports Single Sign-On. Also known as SSO, Single Sign-On is no longer just a buzzword. It is an enterprise must.

Simply put, SSO is an authentication mechanism that allows users to log in to multiple applications with a single set of credentials. It makes the login process easier, faster, and more secure by allowing users to authenticate themselves against an Identity Provider (IdP). A very popular example of SSO login is Google’s sign-in process. Once a user is logged in to Gmail, the user automatically gains access to YouTube, Google Drive, Google Photos, and other Google products.

Since Software AG Cloud uses one of the most popular open standards, Security Assertion Markup Language 2.0 (SAML 2.0) for SSO, it can be integrated with any IdP that supports SAML 2.0., such as Okta. Once the IdP authenticates the users, it informs Software AG Cloud about it, which, in turn, lets the users access all Software AG Cloud applications, without having to use their credentials every time.

To set up SSO for Software AG Cloud, you need to have:

  • Access to your identity provider’s configuration settings
  • Cloud-Tenant-Administrator role privileges in Software AG Cloud

On the successful configuration of the Identity Provider, the IdP name will be displayed on the Software AG Cloud login page.

To learn how to set up SSO for Software AG Cloud, visit our Documentation site.

Using SSO, reduce password fatigue and give your tenant users the freedom to use a single identity to navigate to all Software AG Cloud applications.

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