When you sign up with webMethods.io Integration, you get access to a comprehensive suite of features that help you design and implement better business workflows in the shortest possible time. One such feature is Projects.

Simply put, a project is like a folder or a container for organizing your workflows. It holds all the workflows created by a user, along with the configurations associated with those workflows.

Here is what’s new in Projects:

  1. Workflows: Create customized workflows from scratch or simply import workflows from the All Recipes section.
  2. Configurations: Manage all your workflow configurations from a single page - including the webhooks, accounts, triggers and parameters associated with your tenant.
  3. Logs: View the execution details of all your workflows, such as the workflow name, its execution date, whether it was executed manually or via trigger, and the execution status (success or failed) from a single panel.
  4. Workflow Versioning: Every time you make changes to a workflow and save it, webMethods.io Integration creates a new version of your workflow, allowing you to view all the changes made to your workflow over time. All the workflow versions keep a record of the name of the account user and the timestamp, that is, details of which user edited the workflow last. If required, you may choose to restore a previous version to make it the latest version.

Log in to webMethods.io Integration now to get started with Projects, visit our Documentation site or watch this video to learn more about them.